Why Boutique?

We wanted something different, - somewhere you would feel 'at home' and comfortable when dealing with us.  That's why we went for a boutique approach, where we aim to have quality sales people, not a huge quantity.  We love our small, go ahead team, we all think alike and our one goal is to keep you happy and achieve great results as you are our number one priority.

This is what prompted us to open our own local company. We live here, we know the people, the area, the climate and the gorgeous attractions we have on our doorstep.  We also know what works to sell your property for the best price and we have the results to prove it. Most of all we have huge databases with contacts from years of living and working in the area.

So if you want personal service, proven track records, excellent results and a fair and honest opinion then come and see us! You will be pleased you did!